Levi Bruce :


M.Arch Candidate Carleton University 22

Part time musician: Unknown Mobile

Amateur Sommellier

Selected Work :

Piano Stool 2017

HDPE and hardware

Handmade in Vancouver BC using found material - Edition of 2

Superpen 1 & 2 2020

Graphite on velum (9" x 12")

Zoom Lecture 2020

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Project organized by @Jorts666

HTML/CSS site built using Google Sheets as CMS utilizing tabletop.js

Theatre Design (vignettes) 2020

Hybrid Pencil and Digital Images

Design and rendering in collaboration with Michael Uttley

Reliance Stools 2019

Aluminum, Found Lumber, iPhone

Exhibited in "Objects in an Embassy" September 2019 in Montréal. Curated by Laura Azzalini and Chris Fusaro. More information

Barcelona 2020

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6" x 9" 36 page book, pen and pencil drawings alongside photography

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Russian Influence on the Wine Industry and Culture of Georgia 2020

Essay - Read

...Evidently the USSR policy directly affected the wine industry, however it did not alter the national identity that Georgia holds within winemaking and drinking. Examining what was occuring outside the collectivized farms of grape growing and the wine factories, we can see that the Georgian people did not celebrate "Soviet culture, but rather rural and traditional life"...

Width: 700px; Gallery 2012-14

Curatorial Project

Digital gallery showing works that critically investigated and questioned the culture of displaying art online

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